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Air Duct Cleaning Services in North Dallas, TX

Dirty ducts can be major health hazards to you and your home. The longer your HVAC system has gone without cleaning, the more likely it will spread dust, contaminants, and smells. Our air duct cleaning services in North Dallas, TX, is the perfect solution to this problem. The professionals at Right Choice Heating & Air are trained to thoroughly clean out the inside of any unit so that your system runs like new.

Getting your air vent cleaned regularly is a tremendous help to your HVAC both in terms of efficiency and life expectancy. This saves you money on energy and makes your house more hygienic, reducing the likelihood of mold. Knowing when to have your ducts cleaned can be tricky, but our friendly staff will be happy to help you determine how much service is needed. It's definitely best to get your ducts cleaned immediately if any of the following have happened:

• You have recently had renovation, lead paint removal, or asbestos abatement
• An animal has defecated into the unit or you have seen bugs inside it
• There is mold in, on, or near the unit
• You can smell foul odors or notice debris in rooms
• You are suffering from an unexplained allergy

Vacuuming a Air Duct System in North Dallas, TX

Air Duct Cleaning to Alleviate Allergies

If an HVAC unit hasn't been maintained or was improperly installed, it may have become contaminated. Some of these impurities can set off allergic reactions if people are exposed to them. Air duct cleaning helps everyone breathe better by removing contaminants from your system. Don't let the same unhealthy air keep circulating and re-circulating throughout your home; let our team of experts clean it up for you. Your family, friends, and guests will thank you.

Duct Cleaning for Dust and Debris

When a home or office has been renovated recently, it's not uncommon for debris, dust, and other contaminants to fall into the air ducts if they haven't been sealed beforehand. Our duct cleaning service can get them out before they damage your HVAC or get circulated into your air. This kind of maintenance is the key to preserving indoor air quality control. You probably spend the majority of your time in your home, so you want to know that the air inside it is safe to breathe. That's what we're here for, and why we always go the extra mile for every customer and every job. Our HVAC services make all homes and businesses healthier, safer, and more enjoyable places to be.

Contact us to clean your ducts and breathe easier. We service and clean AC units in North Dallas, Addison, Plano, Carrollton, and Farmers Branch, Texas, and the surrounding communities.